Architecture, computational design

Anthropomorphic Aggregation

Odense / Denmark

anthropomorphic aggregation refers to the human act of hugging. Based on hugging movement studies within different media, the development is performed vertically playing on the height, growing and turning towards the window in the white over- a painted brick wall. Four birch-plywood units (21x40x600mm) approximate a curve captured from the hugging movement of the human body. The stacked on top of each other, the layers slightly rotate with increasing hight. We are emphasising on the contrast between comfortable, smooth and warming inside and hostile, rough and coarse outside.

Aggregates are a novel branch of architectural material systems and are defined as systems of large numbers of loose elements in frictional contact. Especially if the individual grain is custom- designed, the range of possible behaviors is widened the granular system becomes programmable matter. Having had this material system as well as “proximate nesting” regarding to human body as a source of inspirations and measurements, eventually we’ve filled each blank with information according to architectural tectonics; Hugging as Behavior, Aggregation as Materials/ Structure System, Wood(plywood) as Material.
“...Divides up the whole building into the parts by which it is articulated, and integrates its every part by composing all the lines and angles into a single, harmonious work that respects utility, dignity, and delight.”(Alberti,1988), That is a similar methodology we took as we were extracting human hug by simulating certain mise en scène manually and digitally (using Kinect) and we have drawn an analogy between them to make sure. We have gotten everything from real life movements and precise measurements.

Team Members:
Ashkan Rezaee, Johanna Rosina Berchtold, Suramya Kedia, Jonathan Rosenørn Schmedes

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