Architecture, computational design

Disruptive Assembly

Gothenburg / Sweden

This is my thesis project. I usually describe it within three words: Brain, Math and Public Spaces. The digital revolution in architecture which spawned parametricism is but a part of the general computational revolution that allowing human civilization to progress to a new stage, a stage that is uniquely dynamic and promises unprecedented prosperity. The current breakthrough in AI and AI-powered systems and robotics implies an acceleration of the technological and social transformation of the human condition that is experienced as both thrilling and threatening(Schumacher and Duan, 2018). These innovations not only transform the architectural design and construction processes but will transform all aspects of the discipline’s output, for instance; the global build environment and the world of artifacts.. these architectural and urban transformations are supposed to be in tune with the overall societal transformations, for example; with the comprehensive technology-induced transformation of work patterns, lifestyle, as well as forms of sociality.